Snacks With A Zing

Finding healthy snacks for little ones can be quite challenging. For me, I feel like I am always purchasing the same snacks over and over again. My daughters on-the-go snack staple is always raisins and crackers
. Though it seems like she never gets tired of them, I get tired of watching her eat them.

Recently we got the opportunity to try freeze dried fruit snacks from Funky Monkey Snacks. Freeze dried fruit. What is that? It is a process in which fruit is dried by freezing. By using this process, the fruit keeps all of the nutrients and flavors unlike dried fruit or other fruit snacks. Plus, these snacks do not have any preservatives, colors, flavors, or added sugars.

At first I was a little hesitant because it just does not sound or even look all that appetizing. And everyone knows that kids only really eat things that are super delicious! Despite my concern, we ate them, and ate them, and ate them......

Now let me tell you that my first thoughts quickly vanished when my daughter scarfed down the entire package of Bananamon! Wow, a NEW and healthy snack that she loves. Hurray, now I can buy a bunch of different staple snacks for her on-the-go needs! Funky Monkey Snacks come in scrumptious flavors such as Bananamon, Carnival Mix, Jivealime, and Purple Funk.

While my little one was speedily eating the Bananamon (organic bananas with cinnamon) Funky Monkey Snacks, I decided to try the Purple Funk (organic bananas with acai). After my first bite, I was even hooked on these snacks. It was like a firework went off in my mouth, and my tastebuds decided to do a little jig! These snacks are so amazing that I want to keep eating them too!!!

To get a healthy and yummy snack for you and your little ones, go to Add a little zing to your eating habits!

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