Toy Trucks, The Recycled Way!

Toy trucks and toy cars are super fun at any age. I love to play cars and trucks with my 19 month old daughter. She gets so excited when you roll them across the floor. She will chase them and bring them back for hours!

Green Toys have just launched their holiday line of eco-friendly toys that includes a dump truck and a recycling truck. They are the perfect size for lots of imagination and creative play. I love that these trucks do not have metal axles. Actually, the entire toy is made from recycled plastic!

Not only are they fun, but they are made from 100% recycled milk jugs. Wow, fun and eco-friendly! But wait, it gets ever better. These fantastic toys are made in the USA which means that they go through really strict safety laws!

Green Toys are definitely my number one choice for my kids. I know that I am getting a high quality product that is kind to our earth while stimulating my little ones' minds. Visit to see all of the fun recycled toys that are available. Be sure to keep Green Toys on your list this holiday season!

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